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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Here I describe my experience in how to generate revenue by licensing to business customers for artists, musicians, songwriters and composers at the Licencing Agency SOUNDTAXI.

I started to register with SOUNDTAXI in Germany in March of 2010 after I had my first success with licensing music at another company.

The process of registration started by me sending an email application with 3 attached 1 min snippets of MP3s, i chose some of the latest and best. Soundtaxi agreed and downloaded around 200 MP3s from my ftp server. After listening them they were sending me an excel file with 84 filenames of songs, which i needed to fill with some attributes for each song. I needed to decide about a short description, tempo (slow/medium/fast), loopable (possible/not possible), category 1 and category 2.

Further we agreed about non-exclusivity and they sent me the proper contract for that.

I had to deliver the 84 songs without silence in the beginning and the end of the recording via my ftp server in WAV 44.1kHz and 16 bit stereo. The contract I needed to print and send back to them by snail mail.

All together these actions for onboarding took until end of May 2010, of course I did not work full time on this task, because this was not my main job in that time. The great news was that already one month later in end of June 2010 I got my first license sold for 60 EUR.

In the year 2013 I added some songs to my catalogue at SOUNDTAXI, which again was some time I needed to invest, I would say maybe netto altogether 10-20 hours, I cannot really recall that. Otherwise I just needed to deal only with them, when I wrote a new invoice for a payment.

In the same year SOUNDTAXI found out that I offer some tracks of mine at AUDIOAGENCY, where companies can acquire licenses for a better price. They sent an email and it sounded like they complained.

In 2018 SOUNDTAXI wrote to me, that due to not sending new songs, they would like to cancel the contract with me, and since I could not deliver anything new I said, it is okay. Later I found out it was most likely because they changed their business approach, they do ONLY EXCLUSIVE licensing now (2021). Most likely they want to make much bigger deals, in the email of 2013 and in the one of 2018 SOUNDTAXI referred to license-deals that they have in progress which are higher than 10,000 EUR / track.

All together from 2010 to until 2018 I wrote 34 invoices. The total payment from SOUNDTAXI was above 4,000 EUR in 8 years. That is in average approx. 41 EUR / month just from one NON EXCLUSIVE contract at SOUNDTAXI.

At the moment I am thinking of rejoining them with (a minimum of 20) new songs in an EXCLUSIVE contract, will updated here if something new happens.

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