My Personal Experience with POLYSOUNDS

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

In February 2010 on my research for music licensing agencies I came across another potential agency for licensing my music catalogue. The more agencies, of course Non-Exclusive, the more income. This is the story of how I registered with POLYSOUNDS in Germany.

I guess I wrote a message to a webform and left my contact details, because the contact inquiry in my inbox is initiated by POLYSOUNDS: "Thanks for the nice phone call." They explained me, that the website for the P.R.O. royalty-free music is still being developed and they sent me an artist information document.

I needed a few days until I found time to read the document and look up the webpage again, so I wrote that I am basically interested. Two days later they replied and they sent me the artist agreement (contract) for being one of the artists on their music licensing platform.

In Summer it seemed to be more interesting to go because I just replied to them in October 2010. I asked them if the website is ready. They replied a few days later with an updated contract, the artist information and a sheet where I needed to enter all the songs with some tagging.

This time I was faster, and I prepared 85 songs on my ftp server in mp3 format, so that POLYSOUNDS could download it and filled the sheet with the song names and sent all the information to them.

In Mid November 2010 we clarified some questionable names of songs, I renamed those songs, so they better comply to the policy of the agency website. We signed the contract remotely and scanned the signature to send to the other party, very advanced for 2010. POLYSOUNDS decided to take all 85 songs into their catalogue. I was really happy. In the last days of November the email arrived that the Artist Profile and the songs are live.

In November 2011 (one year later), after I did not hear anything of POLYSOUNDS, I started to investigate. They told me that my payout amount reached already around 50 EUR and they payout yearly, so in December 2011 I could expect the first payment.

In the following years we did not exchange many emails, actually a pity as I realize now. In 2017 they made an Artist Webpage, and when I look at the POLYSOUNDS platform, I also see that I am one out of only 58 Artists on their Platform, WOW.

In 2021 I was asking if they are keen on new music and again, the webpage is in development, there is a planned re-launch soon, until then no new music will be uploaded to their platform.

From 2011 to 2020 all together 85 tunes are on my POLYSOUNDS ARTIST PROFILE. 2011 we started with all these 85 songs and in 2021 still all 85 are online. Compared to AUDIOAGENCY and SOUNDTAXI, the income with POLYSOUNDS was less. I got paid around 800 EUR in those 9 years. That is in average of approx. 8 EUR / month just from one NON EXCLUSIVE contract at POLYSOUNDS.

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