Music Licensing Agencies Overview

This is a list of Music Agencies that we think it is worth to share. We investigated around 2 years in order to make this list as complete and as useful. The table could be useful for those who like to start a B2B relationship with an agency. It gives you an overview if the agency is only accepting music exclusively or also non-exlusively. Further you see if the agenciy offers a flat rate subscription, which means that the agency will dump out your music for cheap. If you have tons of music than this might not be an issue, but if you would like to place special products to special customers, maybe go for exclusive and do not use agencies with flat rate subscriptions. The description shows just some comments, that sum up the most important features of that agency. The respose time shows how much time it took them to answer a general e-mail inquiry. The next column shows you where the agency is legally located, so which country's law is applicable if you get signed. P.R.O. means they accept even products that are signed to performance right organizations or not. At Media you will see if they mainly work with music or if they are a multimedia agency that also licenses photos, videos, etc.
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