My Personal Experience with JAMENDO

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

In 2008 after having my first licensing success i came across a community where I signed up right away, because I could share my music to people for free. Founded 2004, JAMENDO is a platform of its very unique kind. It provides the possibility to upload your music and share it for free download to consumers on JAMENDO Music, but companies who would like to use your music for business purposes must pay JAMENDO Licensing for that, and they turn this income into royalties for their artists.

I started to create four different artists, one for myself (Ant on Wax) and the 3 others for collaborations with friends (Ant on Wax feat.). Here I could structure my uploads to be in the format of an Album or an EP.

In the first five years there was only the Jamendo Music Community and amazing people donated for downloading the music, and they could buy the albums, even if they download them for free (maybe they could get a lossless copy), i was astonished, some people left feedback and reviews, some wrote personal messages followed by donations, I was interviewed for a blog, it was a great success.

I think in 2013 after I registered with SOUNDTAXI and AUDIOAGENCY, JAMENDO Licensing was founded and I got informed that I could now sell licenses for my artists through their webpage. I was very okay after seeing that there is no exclusive paragraph in the contract, but I had to sign a contract for each of the artists that I managed on JAMENDO. I had to find out about how I could activate the licensing models for the different artists, and I needed to sign a contract for each artist online, which was more easy compared to the agencies where I signed up before. During these years I created two additional artists and released some more albums at JAMENDO Music and Licensing.

In 2015 There was the first paycheck that arrived from Jamendo, in 2014 the threshold of 100 EUR was not yet reached, so I needed to wait patiently 2 years. From this time Jamendo pays me until the day of today. One remark I have to make. I am not informed by Jamendo via email if the threshold is reached on any of my artists, so I have to manually check every several months, Jamendo did also not sound promising when I requested that feature. I could try again with their support, which improved a little bit.

I was just earning royalties / licensing fees from product placements or in-store radio, where you could listen to our music until 2020, did not really deal with their webpage, but in 2020 we started a new collaboration and we uploaded two albums for a new artist.

In general private persons donated support to us, too. But in general the huge amount of payments came from licensing starting after 2013.

From 2010 to 2020 the number of total songs was growing until 134. Those are in several artist profiles, here I share my main JAMENDO ARTIST PROFILE. Very Interesting that although listeners get the music for FREE on JAMENDO Music, the payment of JAMENDO Licensing is the highest of all agencies to-date. I got paid around 5,500 EUR in those 10 years. That is in average approx. 46 EUR / month from several NON EXCLUSIVE contracts (each artist has its own contract) at JAMENDO.

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