How to start with SOUNDREEF Music Licensing Agency

Soundreef Ltd is an Independent Management Entity. Soundreef Ltd manages the rights of over 43,000 songwriters and music publishers worldwide, 26,000 of whom are Italian, and operates in over 90 countries either directly or via representation agreements.

Soundreef Ltd is owned by Soundreef S.p.A., a company that develops the appropriate technology for monitoring, collecting and maximizing the earnings of songwriters and music publishers. Soundreef S.p.A. also controls Soundreef Media Service S.r.l., a company which provides ambient sound and music for large retail outlets. (Source: Soundreef)

Registration at SOUNDREEF:

  • Create your account

You can register your account as an Individual or as a Company

Fill out your name, country, birth date, city of birth, country of birth, gender, artist name

  • Fill email address, choose a new username, password, confirm the password and fill your address, mobile phone and Paypal account

  • Chose services - depending on your catalog you are able to choose between

  • Collecting: exclusive royalty collection for all types of performance and mechanical rights

  • In-Store: non-exclusive royalty collection for background music in the in-store network only

Note: These choices cannot be updated later


  • You will need to read and sign the Master Licence and Playlist Agreement which appears in a pop-up window

  • After we have registered successfully, we will see the Dashboard page and we are able to upload music

Create Artist and Register Music:

  • In the top menu chose MUSIC

  • Chose option REGISTER MUSIC

  • Register songs - Add the number of songs that you want to register

  • Fill up Services and territories

On right side of screen there is a guide that helps you filling

On checkbooks Don’t allow in you can uncheck countries

  • Fill Titles of the songs, Artist, Genre - Click on CONFIRM

  • If you have ISRC you can press button MORE and chose option ISRC CODE

Enter your code

  • Fill up the ownership details for the songs

Note: if this is applicable for all your songs you can press YES, so that these parameters will apply automatically for all your songs

  • Documents and status

All rights holders need to have signed up or If you are the authorised music representative for all other rights holders you can proceed and collect royalties on behalf of everybody


  • You will receive a email from Soundreef

  • In the email click on REVIEW DOCUMENT

  • In the document press Sign

  • Add Your Signature

Note: Your signature will appear at the point where the yellow square is

  • Press FINISH

  • Press CONTINUE

  • All documents are signed now.

Uploading Music:


  • Press UPLOAD MP3

  • After you upload songs press COMPLETE

  • Now we are ready to collect our royalties. Keep Rocking :)

  • We see there is no need of individual tagging for your music at SOUNDREEF, most other agencies need you to tag your songs, which could be more work.

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