How to start with Licensing at JAMENDO Music Community

Jamendo is a music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. Jamendo is a free streaming service for personal use. The purpose of Jamendo is to bring together musicians and music lovers, while providing opportunities for artists to become better known and earn money through its licensing services. At the heart of Jamendo lies an economic model that provides free music download and streaming for Internet users, while allowing artists to sell commercial licenses of their music for commercial use.

In the first part, we discussed the registration and music uploading to Jamendo and presenting it for the listeners, in this part we will discuss the steps to offer your music via Jamendo Licensing to business customers

You can collect royalties by licensing your music on Jamendo. You can earn anything from 30% to 65% of a sale, depending on the number of tracks sold, and whether you have a non-exclusive contract or an exclusive contract with Jamendo.

Sign up for Jamendo Licensing

  • Chose Sign up for Jamendo Licensing

License your music

  • Read and Accept Distribution Agreement

  • Sign Certification

  • Select Tracks and chose the Licensing Programs


Note: some tracks maybe not meat quality requirements of Jamendo

  • Wait to your music be evaluated - can take a few days

  • Add ISRC and/or UPC/EAN codes

If you have ISRC and/or UPC/EAN codes you can fill these fields, if not, no worries, Jamendo will generate them for you.


  • Composition (on-demand music production)

Jamendo gives you the chance to create custom tracks for clients who need very specific music for their projects. A great way to stimulate your creativity and get associated with brands: benefit from the highest licensing revenue opportunity on Jamendo Licensing.

  • You can set up every song to be used for the Jamendo licensing Catalog and/or In-Store usage.

Note: If you choose a track to be Exclusive you will get more royalties percentage for your sales from Jamendo, but you cannot offer it to any other music agency.

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