How to start with JAMENDO Music Community

Jamendo is a music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. Jamendo is a free streaming service for personal use. The purpose of Jamendo is to bring together musicians and music lovers, while providing opportunities for artists to become better known and earn money through its licensing services. At the heart of Jamendo lies an economic model that provides free music download and streaming for Internet users, while allowing artists to sell commercial licenses of their music for commercial use.

Registration and Profile Creation

  • Press START NOW

  • Create an account - enter the email address and password

  • Validate your account - go to your email address and open the email that was sent by Jamendo

  • We are now ready to upload music to Jamendo

  • In the menu on the left side of the screen, select UPLOAD YOUR MUSIC

Create Artist and fill personal information


  • Create a new artist - Enter your information

  • Fill Personal info & Contributors

  • Profile setup

  • Choose if you are member of a PERFORMANCE RIGHTS ORGANISATION (P.R.O.) and enter name

  • Enter legal Address and upload an Identification Document

  • Now we are ready for uploading music

Uploading Music and Tagging

  • Choose between singles or albums

  • For this blog we chose to upload two singles for providing an example, so we select ADD SINGLES

  • Click on option Choose Files - select your file(s) from your computer. The format must fit the preconditions

  • Click on pencil on the right of each song in order to edit the track

  • Edit track - After we click on the pencil we will see the Edit track menu

  • Fill the information in those menus

  • It is important to know about



  • P.R.O CODE

You can get help by pressing the (i) Button behind them

Note: It is very beneficial to fill Tags & Metadata

  • Track credits - If you generate your songs in AIVA in Free, Forever Plan you should give credits to AIVA, which is registered as a composer at P.R.O. SECAM

  • Tags & Metadata

  • License

Here you can select if your song shall be allowed in commercial use for free or not. Further you can select what kind of modifications of your song are allowed if any.

Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT, that we select both times "no". With this settings we can maximize the licensing royalties. If any of these settings is yes, we will not be able to choose YouTube Monetisation. (The track does not qualify for YouTube monetisation because it was published with a license type other than NC/ND)

  • Edit all your uploaded tracks

Note: without artwork you will not be able to publish songs - be creative!

  • When you tagged all parameters of your songs, they are ready to be published

Note: to be able to publish a song you need to upload an identification document!

  • You could activate YouTube Monetisation Program but this depends on your legal status concerning your uploaded music. We are on the Free, Forever Plan in AIVA, so we must give credits to AIVA and we can’t activate YouTube Monetisation Program!

  • The final step is to Publish a track by switching the lever to the right

  • After you publish your track as a single you will not be able to move this song to an album any more, but you will be able to edit the track. For this blog we are releasing singles so we will press YES

  • After you confirm and press on YES you will need to wait some time for your songs to be released and reachable on for users

  • Go to Artist chose option SINGLES

  • You can see in Upload & Manage your music menu which songs are published (green), later you can un-publish them if needed

Sign up for Jamendo Licensing

  • In the next post we will sign up for collecting royalties and licensing our music for commercial purposes. This step will be explained in the next blog post

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