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AIVA® is a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. “She” has the ability to mimic cognitive thinking and build expertise over time. AIVA is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) capable of composing emotional soundtracks for films, video games, commercials and any type of entertainment content.

She has been learning the art of music composition by reading through a large collection of music partitions, written by the greatest Composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, ...) to create a mathematical model representation of what music is. This model is then used by AIVA to write completely unique music.

In this link you can hear more about AIVA from her creator:

This is a guide for people who want to discover the possibilities of using AI for composing music.

Creating a User for AIVA

  • Enter your e-mail address Note: If we choose the option “Continue with Google” our registration will look different from what is described here.

  • Check your email inbox with activation link sent We will have to set a secure password and after that we are ready.

  • After we successfully logged in we will see the Main Screen of AIVA

Subscriptions at AIVA

We can subscribe to plans that are offered by AIVA. We can choose between plans for Individuals or Businesses. For this blog we will use Individuals Free plan. We also recommend this plan to you in order to get familiar with AIVA. (Note: In this plan it is possible to download only 3 songs per month.)

It's an interesting fact that AIVA became the world’s first virtual composer to be recognized by a music society. AIVA is registered at French music society (SACEM).

If you are using the Free or Standard Plans, AIVA owns the copyright of the compositions you create; you are granted a perpetual, non-transferable and non-commercial license to use & modify the compositions.

If you would like to commercially use the music created with AIVA, as an individual you need to upgrade to Pro Plan.

If you subscribe to the Pro Plan, copyright ownership is transferred to you, and you may use the compositions commercially in any way you want, as long as the terms of AIVA.AI's End User License Agreement are respected*.

Here an interesting question of the FAQ:

“Will I own the full copyright of tracks that I created as a Free user after I upgrade to a Pro Plan?”

Yes, you will. If you created a couple of tracks under a Free or Standard Plan, and then decide to upgrade to Pro Plan, you will own the Full Copyright of any existing tracks on your account”.

Creating Music with AIVA

And now we can finally start to create songs.

  • Chose option Create track

  • Now will appear on the display PRESET STYLES. There are two different options: SIMPLIFIED VIEW and ADVANCED VIEW.

Creating a song in AIVA using the SIMPLIFIED VIEW


  • Let’s choose one of the presets and do our first song in AIVA

  • And now we need to configure the parameters:

  • In the first row we adjust the tempo - Auto, Slow, Medium and Fast PACING

  • In the next row we adjust the length of the song or the DURATION (Note: In the Individuals Free plan, we can have a maximum length of 3 minutes for one song.)

  • The third parameter is the number of songs we want to compose - NUMBER OF COMPOSITIONS and we can choose between 1 to 5 songs

  • And finally we can press the Create your Track(s)

  • Now our song is finished and ready to listen

  • We can click on the play button and listen to songs!

Creating a song in AIVA using the ADVANCED VIEW


  • In ADVANCED view we have option Preview preset. Below each preset is an option Preview which gives us an idea about how this preset sounds.

  • Let’s choose Preset Electronic

  • Now we need to choose Parameters for our track.

  • By choosing a KEY SIGNATURE we can influence the composition to be more uplifting (any Major for Key Signature) or more melancholic piece (any Minor for Key Signature).

  • In this Preset we can choose different INSTRUMENTATIONs and we are able to play with these instruments a lot. For our song we will choose one parameter by random selection.

  • Now we will set up the DURATION of the song and the NUMBER OF COMPOSITIONS as well.

  • The last parameter that we can set is Bass Boost.

Hint: In some presets you are able to choose a parameter called TIME SIGNATURE. The following screenshot is parameters of Preset MODERN. It’s really helpful for beginners to choose 4/4.

  • Finally we press the button Create your track(s)

  • Our second COMPOSITION is finished and we can listen to it, too.

  • We can click on the play button and listen to songs!

Editing a composition in AIVA

Editor menu

In AIVA we also have the possibility to use a tool called Editor.

  • This is an advanced menu for song editing where we find the following options:

  • In the Editor one option is called Effects. It can be helpful to get a nicer song sometimes.

Also there are a lot of more options but you guys could play around with them. :).

We prefer to edit in a DAW (Steinberg Cubase in our case).

Downloading the music in AIVA

In AIVA it is possible to download music in following formats:

  • MP3 Audio

  • Orchestrated MIDI

  • Reduced MIDI

  • 16bit & 48kHz uncompressed WAV file

  • Stems

  • We can also download the chords in text format

To download the song you need to look at the right side of the song in the COMPOSITIONS overview, we have two options for downloading:

  • We can click on the three dots and select the first option in the menu - Download MIDI/Audio

  • We could just click on the down arrow (Download) and the song will be downloaded automatically.

Now let's try it together to download the song:

When we select any of the options above we will get the following pop-up window:


You can set the parameters depending on what you plan to do with the composition.

We plan to edit the song after the download, so we will plan to “Download zip (MP3 + MIDI)”.

(Note: Downloading the same song multiple times will count as multiple downloads, so take care what you do, if you are in the Individuals Free plan.)

  • Recommendation: Check option: add composition parameters to the file name.

  • Click on Download zip (MP3 + MIDI) Button

Important: When downloading a song in my experience, it is necessary to have a file archiver, so that we will be able to open the song and program 7-Zip gives excellent results. Download link: (Windows 10 internal ZIP integration had some issues with the downloaded zip files from AIVA during our testing)

  • The ZIP File contents in one of our examples:

  • Orchestrated MIDI File (.MID)

  • Reduced MIDI File (.MID)

  • Audio File in the format that was chosen at DOWNLOAD COMPOSITION (MP3)

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