My Personal Experience with AUDIOAGENCY

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Two years after registering to the first agencies I started to research about other Non-Exclusive agencies for licensing my music catalogue. I thought, if I register with more agencies, then I could add extra income because each agency has their own way of finding business customers and companies maybe have different approaches on how to buy licensed music.

It was 2012, when I sent a simple 3 liner that I have a catalogue of ~100 songs to offer and one day later I received the reply of AUDIOAGENCY, that I should share a link with my Music. I was still living in Germany and AUDIOAGENCY is the only Agency where I am registered until today, who deal only with the German Market, so their webpage is only available in German.

I shared my webpage with some of the best songs, including my Artist/Composer Biography. They told me that recordings of Bands and Songwriters are not really what they are into, but the instrumentals, that I have on my webpage in the category background for media is what they are looking for. He shared the email Address of a colleague for talking about the contract.

They explained me, that their sharing model offers the composer to receive 42.5% of the license sale. Further I clarified that the contract can be signed although my residency is not in Germany. I had to print the contract two times, sign it and snail mail it to their registered address.

One month later in February 2012, after they received the signed contract, they requested me to upload 28 songs 3 different formats to their FTP server (44.1kHz 16 bit WAV, 192 kbps MP3 and 320 kbps MP3 format). Funny fact: That time the upload needed approximately 1 day to complete. They needed a few days to put them online and from then I was collecting licensing royalties for those 28 tunes.

In 2013 SOUNDTAXI sent me an email. They complained that some tracks of mine are offered for a better licensing price at AUDIOAGENCY. I clarified that we have a non-exclusive contract even if i signed non-exclusive contracts at both parties. This inter-agency noise disappeared.

After that I uploaded new music to AUDIOGENCY. This time they have been very busy and they needed more than one month to review it. They chose 10 songs for their catalogue. I also read in one email that they are quite picky about the tracks and they judge about each track individually.

In 2015 AUGIOGENCY changed their legal form from a small firm (DE: GbR) to a Limited (in Germany a GmbH). In 2019 They did something like a relaunch based on user feedback. Small changes in the contract, but needed to be legal, so again snail mail to Germany, here I needed to wait one month where I finally found a time-slot to read the new contract, print, sign and mail it back.

From 2012 to 2020 just 38 tunes are in my AUDIOAGENCY ARTIST PROFILE on. 2012 we started with 28 songs and in 2013 ten additional songs have been added and now there are just 38 songs online. Astonishing is that despite of the fact that AUDIOAGENCY licenses are more affordable than SOUNDTAXI licenses, the income was very similar. I got paid around 4,000 EUR in those 8 years. That is in average approx. 41 EUR / month just from one NON EXCLUSIVE contract at AUDIOAGENCY.

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