I have an idealistic way of thinking and my rules for music business are:

"Consumers can Stream and Download Music for Free for their Enjoyment.

Business Generate Revenue by using Music, so they should share a part of their profit"

Old Records

After producing and composing music for 15 years and dreaming about work to be released for airplay on the radio, I got to know my first contacts in music business. There have been promises about some songs to be released and inquiries for tracks by clients, but the result was usually unsatisfied A&R managers and clients, who could not accept the songs in the way how I produced them.

It was around 2007, but I cannot recall how I came across the first agency where I uploaded my collection of music. I uploaded around 100 finished songs of various styles that I could offer, containing instrumentals and music with vocals and lyrics. Maybe they did not like all of those for their catalogue, but I guess they took at least one third of the songs for their database, so we made a non-exclusive contract.

After a short time, maybe it was six to twelve months the agency could sell one song to a star alliance airline for their newsletter, which gave them the possibility to share one of my tunes as a downloadable mp3. The license was for 50.000 downloads and for 1 year. I never made a successful deal like that until the day when writing this about page.

Then I registered at more than eight different agencies, communities and distributors over the next 4 years. I usually offered a catalogue of 200 songs and sometimes only 20 have been chosen, sometimes more than 150. During the years from 2010 to 202 I earned constantly around 100-150 EUR per month.

Due to my inactivity in production and songwriting i did not supply new music to the agencies and sales dropped with the years, even one agency asked me to stop the contract, other's do not accept new contributions anymore.

In 2021 I decided to spend a whole year for clarifying all the different contracts at different agencies in different countries that I made and blogging this to this website, also showing the possibilities, why Music Agencies are a better option than Distributors, P.R.O.s or Publishers.